OCUL Interlibrary Loan Request Form

This form allows libraries without ILL systems to submit interlibrary loan requests to Ontario university libraries.

Please note that some libraries charge for interlibrary loans.

If your library has not been added to our new system, please fill out this form to request addition.

  • If you aren't sure whether your library has been added to our system, or if your contact information has changed recently, please contact ocul-cf@ocul.on.ca with the new information.
  • Search World Cat or the library catalogue of the lending library to determine if they have a copy of the item you want. You will need the link to the catalogue record.
  • Enter all of the information needed for your request. Do not use short forms or abbreviations.
  • Fill in a separate submission for each item required.

Request Information

Please enter a code for your library (i.e., LAC symbol, OCLC symbol, etc.)
Please enter the name of your library
If you have an internal number for tracking this request, please input it here.
Requested Format
Service type
Preferred Delivery Method
Please enter the maximum cost you would be willing to pay for this item.  Note: charging amounts vary by institution.

Item Information

If the item is an electronic resource, please enter "online" in the call number field.

Part Information (Copy Only)