Scholars Portal Local Load Agreement

Scholars Portal Journals began as a preservation and access platform in 2001, and now hosts over 60 million articles. While the initial focus of SP Journals was on commercial content from major publishers, we are continually growing our Canadian open access content.

If you’re reading this agreement, it’s probably because you have content that might be a good fit for hosting and preservation on the platform. In 2013, Scholars Portal Journals was certified as a Trustworthy Digital Repository (TDR) by the Centre for Research Libraries. Certification is a stamp of approval of our long-term preservation policies and practices. Our goal is to keep scholarly knowledge safe and available for the long (long!) term.

If you would like your journal to be archived in Scholars Portal Journals, please review the Working with Scholars Portal page and submit this form.

Please note that we are only accepting submissions from Canadian library published journals.

Scholars Portal Journals requires an ISSN.
Manager, editor, owner, librarian, etc.
Terms and conditions for archiving and hosting with Scholars Portal:
I have the right to accept these terms on behalf of the above named journal.
I have reviewed the Working with Scholars Portal documentation.
I confirm that the license for this journal and all of its content allows for access by the general public without payment, subscription, or institutional affiliation. If at any point I become aware that some content falls under a different license, I will let Scholars Portal know right away.
I agree to allow Scholars Portal to harvest a complete copy of this journal’s articles and related metadata on an ongoing basis for the purposes of hosting and preservation on Scholars Portal Journals.
  • Hosting means the content will be loaded onto servers at Scholars Portal and made available on
  • Preservation means that Scholars Portal will maintain the materials in perpetuity by supporting their integrity and availability over time, including migrating the materials to new formats to facilitate search and use, to meet accessible formats requirements, and to prevent technological obsolescence.
I confirm that Scholars Portal has the right to make the content openly available in perpetuity.
I understand that I have the right to withdraw from this agreement at any time. Unless agreed separately elsewhere, Scholars Portal has the right to preserve and make available previously harvested content in perpetuity.
I agree that these terms and conditions may be revised from time to time, and understand that I will need to review updated terms and conditions and re-sign in order to continue being included in Scholars Portal Journals.